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Monday through Friday 7:30-6

Saturday 8-2

Sunday Closed


Our newest location in Lake Hallie is located just north of Mouldys Tackle on S. Prairie View Rd.  Carrying a full line of automotive products as well as Dayco Hydraulics, the Lake Hallie team has the products and knowledge you need.



Monday through Friday 7:30-6:30

Saturday 8-3

Sunday Closed


Our store on the west side of Eau Claire is located at the intersection of Cameron and Clairemont and is home to Planert Hydraulics as well as our Plastic Media Blasting service.  



Monday through Friday 7-7

Saturday 7-5

Sunday 9-4


Located on the south side of Eau Claire the store at the corner of London Rd and E. Hamilton Ave. is our flagship and is home to both the Machine Shop and our Paint Department.  

Service is the difference. We get it!

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Cameron St.

Lake Hallie

London Rd. 

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